Air hostess is one of the high-profile professions in India that is desired by many young graduates. Mostly, the Air hostess is the dream job for many young girls. 

If you are passionate about the job and very much interested to travel all over the world then becoming an Air hostess is the right choice. In this career, you can meet many new people, celebrities, business honchos, who stay in five-star hotels and will be able to visit and purchase from the big malls of the world. As an Air Hostess, you can learn about the varied cultures of the people globally and can experience a lot of new things. 

Moreover, as per the recent analysis, in a month, an air hostess will not fly more than 72 hours. This means that there is not much of a workload. The aviation industry is the best field to get a better job and a good salary. To become a successful Air Hostess, get trained under the experts join Air Hostess Course in Chennai at ZEFT Aviation. 

  1. Education for Air Hostess Course

Applicants who have completed their higher secondary can choose for the air hostess jobs. Having a degree is the minimum educational qualification for a candidate to do the Post Graduate in Air Hostess courses. It’s highly recommended to join the ZEFT Aviation after completion of HSC. You must be fluent in reading, writing, and speaking Hindi, English, and other foreign languages.

  1. Age and Marital Status

The age limit for an air hostess differs depending on the policies of each company. In general, the candidates with the age group of 18-27 years are highly preferred. Marital status also depends on company policies. Some companies offer jobs for married women too whereas most companies prefer unmarried girls for the designation.

  1. Physical Standards

Candidates with good performance and physical look are mostly selected for the Air hostess job. The minimum height for a girl candidate is 5.2″ or 157 cm and also the Body mass index (BMI) is estimated. Therefore the weight of the candidate should be proportional to the height. Skin color needs to be fair with a clear complexion. Physical fitness and good-looking physique are required.

  1. Medical Conditions

Candidates should be physically fit. Eyesight must be 6/9. Some airlines may allow concessions. This is the main qualification needed for becoming an Air hostess. 

Behavioral skill is important

Not only the educational, physical or medical qualifications are important to become an Air Hostess. You need to know more about this job, it requires the candidates to have specific behavioral skills that reflect their personality. Having a good personality is one of the important aspects of an Air Hostess.

Good communication skills

Wishing to become an Air Hostess, improved communication skills is very important to convince the passengers because you need to know how to handle the passengers and help them if they ask something. Taking up a Best Aviation Academy in Chennai allows an individual to get to know the required basic knowledge for different languages.

Pleasing personality

They need to have a good look and a pleasant voice. You must have a positive attitude with passengers. A friendly and social personality is necessary for an Air Hostess. 

Presence of mind

An air hostess must be able to advise the panic passengers on board in the event of an emergency landing and they should have strong willpower. 


You have to work with the whole cabin crew. For a domestic flight, a cabin crew usually consists of more than 12 -14 members. 

Ready to work for hours

Flight delays due to weather or technical reasons are usual, so your working hours may get extended up to 3-4 hours extra. You must be ready to work for extended hours.

Positive attitude

Finally, an Air Hostess should have a positive attitude and also be ready to do all the allotted jobs. 

ZEFT Aviation also offers other aviation courses like Ground Staff Training in Chennai

All these above-mentioned qualifications are essential to becoming an Air Hostess, if you want to pursue an air hostess course, then you must complete the above qualifications. 

Air Hostess Salary

Air Hostess salaries are totally different from every company. Mostly, the salary of an Air Hostess may vary from Rs 50,000 to 90,000 per month, domestic airlines pay up to Rs 50,000 per month and the international airlines pay up to Rs 90,0000 per month which is based on your work experience. Whereas the luxurious international airline company pays up to 1 Lakh to 2 Lakh per month to the senior Air Hostess. 

Air Hostess Course

If you’re serious about pursuing your career as an Air Hostess, then you must join the Air Hostess Training Institute in Chennai. Also, get the Airport Management Training in Chennai at ZEFT Aviation which provides the knowledge regarding various classes of jobs involved in this field of aviation, professional growth, and talents required to be successful in this field.