The airline business is one of the world’s most competitive and profitable markets. The Civil Aviation Industry of India is the world’s third-biggest civil aviation domestic market. The aviation market is rising tremendously due to numerous factors such as FDI developments in domestic airliners, new airports, IT and low-cost carriers (LCCs).

Aviation in India

In the next 5 years, the Indian aviation industry is projected to see Rs 1 lakh crore ($15.52 billion) worth of investments, according to data published by the Department of Industrial Policy and Propaganda (DIPP), by the Government of India. The total expenditure of US $1.83 billion is expected to be made by 2026 for airport facilities growth and aviation services. Taking up an Aviation Course in Chennai allows an individual to get to know the required basic knowledge of aviation to maintain professionalism in the field.

Education and Job Roles in Aviation

An applicant can be immediately admitted to the aircraft industry with an advanced educational qualification, or with a bachelor’s degree. 

Some of the following degree qualifications that would help to secure the job soon are as follows, 

  1. B.B.A in Airport Management – B.B.A. is a three-year course in Airport Administration. This course prepares graduates to take up operations and business work in an airport. An individual applicant may secure a position as an Airport Administrator, Airport Director, Airport Personnel Administrator and Security Officer.
  2. Diploma in Airport Management – This is a one year course that teaches students more of the technological side than management. A student may also select this Airport Management postgraduate certificate after graduation.
  3. Commercial Pilot Training – The airline pilot is one of aviation’s most exciting and satisfying careers. Besides abstract awareness, an applicant must be qualified to become a professional pilot with realistic skills. To be eligible and to get a position in the aviation industry, a pilot must be certified.
  4. Diploma in Ground Staff and Cabin crew – The Field Staff / Cabin Crew Preparation Certificate is usually a six-month to 1-year course in which applicants are qualified in different occupations, such as cabin crew, flight attendants, ground staff leaders, and front-end office operators.
  5. Diploma in Aviation Hospitality – Hospitality is a sector that includes highly educated and experienced practitioners in the aviation industry. Aviation Hospitality Diploma is a one year course in which students are qualified in cabin crew, ground workers and office operators.

There are some other additional aircraft works, they are,

  • Instructors in Flying and Land.
  • Air Dispatches. 
  • Psychologists in planes
  • Doctors in Aircraft
  • Air Purser.

Future of the Aviation Industry

In India, over the last three years, both commercial and military aviation has seen a huge shift in the aviation market. The job prospects within the industry are rising substantially and it is time for candidates who seek to succeed in the aviation field. 

In the next 20 years, airline businesses themselves will begin to benefit from a broad range of emerging developments, including advanced construction of airline engines, a lightweight carbon fuselage, and more efficient aircraft routing. 

More complete flights, quicker turnover, economies of scale would also benefit from efficiencies. With the increase in oil costs, people around the world always continue to travel and incur extra investment airline industry. Taking up an Aviation Academy in Chennai leaves you with all professional knowledge in this field. 

Career prospects

  • Managers in Customer Service
  • Airport Manager
  • Response Director of Airline
  • Cargo operations
  • Manager in Ground Staff
  • The administrator of the airport
  • Airline Head
  • Chief of Logistics

Salary package in Aviation

Salary in the aviation industry can differ considerably from qualification to credential, extra qualifications, the number of years that you have invested in the field and other important variables. This also relies a great deal on the reputation of the institution at which you are training. Get excellent training at ZEFT Aviation to increase your reputation.

In recent years, the aviation industry has expanded significantly. The average salary range given to freshers in aviation management is between Rs 16 000 to Rs  35 000 per month respectively. With its fast growth rate and the increasing demand in this profession, an applicant with appropriate professional experience and a qualified degree will earn the highest salary of 3 to 4 lakh per month. In fact, given the growing existence of the sector, employers will expect a significant rise in their salaries. Make your dream come true with the best coaching from the ZEFT Aviation Training in Chennai.