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ZEFT has made its mark in the education industry field by providing quality educational services for about 8 years now. Our group Company ZEFT EnglishLabs is a leading Language training academy with more than 12 branches in Chennai, Mumbai, and Bengaluru. Alongside, ZEFT Aviation is making inroads with our aviation division as well. ZEFT Aviation now offers a variety of quality aviation-career-centric courses like Air Hostess Training in Chennai for those wanting to fly high. With many years of industry experience, our aviation courses to be are ones to be reckoned with.

Why ZEFT Aviation?

We offer Govt. approved certification for our aviation industry-related courses.
Candidates are trained in actual aircraft under real simulated environments.
The training curriculum is internationally recognized.
Placement assistance for air hostesses in both domestic and international airlines.
Our experience in the aviation industry exceeds 40 years.
Internships with major airline
Complimentary finishing school training for candidates.
Complimentary foreign language classes.


Serving as an Air Hostess in a major airline is a profession that any woman aspirant would want to achieve. The job by itself is exciting for more than one reason. Air Hostesses are well paid and they get to travel to see exotic places around the world. They also have the privilege of meeting people from different lands. Enroll Air Hostess Course in Chennai to get a lucrative career in the Aviation industry.

Air Hostesses also perform many duties which ensure that passengers have a safe and comfortable journey in line with the regulations pertaining to the airline industry. Part of their duty is to review the safety and emergency procedures and includes demonstrating the use of any related equipment. They tend to passengers who are sick, serve beverages and food during the journey. It, therefore, suits those candidates who are service minded. To Get trained under our expert trainers join Air Hostess Training in Chennai.

Anyone that starts as an Air Hostess also has the chance of being promoted to senior Flight Attendant or the Head Attendant. The Air Hostesses after their stint on board the aircraft (usually 7 to 8 years) can later move on to jobs such as Ground Hostess, Guest Relationship officers, or a Trainer of Junior Air Hostesses. ZEFT also offer other aviation courses such as Advanced Diploma in Aviation.

The Diploma in Air Hostess Training Course demands aspirants with the following prerequisites:

  • Should have cleared 10+2/HSC or should be a graduate from a recognised Board/University
  • Over 18 years of Age
  • Must have a pleasant voice
  • Positive Attitude
  • Be a team player
  • Be physically fit and have a good appearance
  • Must possess these minimum height measurements:  Girls: 155 cm Boys: 177 cm
  • Must have language proficiency
  • Should possess a passport to get into the airport
  • Must satisfy basic vision standards

There are many positions that students who have obtained ‘Diploma in Cabin Crew Management’ student can apply for. Some of them are:

  • Air Hostess
  • Ground Hostess
  • Customer Relationship Manager
  • Air Hostess Trainer


On completion of the Air Hostess Course in Chennai at ZEFT Aviation rated as leading  Air Hostess Training Institute in Chennai, the student will be able to:

  • Understand the profession of the cabin crew, its origins, and the latest practices
  • Identify different types of aircraft and identify cabin crew functions
  • Manage passengers by interacting appropriately in a variety of different circumstances
  • Recall all the safety procedures and handle emergencies
  • Men can also apply for the post of Flight Purser once they have undergone this type of an Air Hostess Training in Chennai with major airlines.


  • Familiarization of the Aircraft
  • Food and catering inside the cabin
  • Flight Evaluation
  • First Aid Procedures
  • Inter-department Coordination
  • Handling of Emergency Situations
  • Airport layout and Its Familiarization
  • Passenger Psychology
  • Basic Aircraft Operation and Functions
  • Safety Procedures
  • In-Flight Procedures
  • Passenger handling
  • Grooming, Etiquette, and Personality Development
  • Soft skills
  • Effective Communication
  • Business English
  • Spoken Hindi


  • Must be able to follow and maintain the highest value safety standards
  • Must have presence of mind
  • The employer expects the trained air hostesses to be proficient in speaking Hindi and English and a regional/foreign language and people’s skills
  • Perform repetitive tasks with a high amount of accuracy
  • Good communication and interpersonal skills

Learn at ZEFT Aviation rated as No 1 Air Hostess Academy in Chennai to become a successful Air Hostess!

More About Air Hostess

To become Air Hostess is dream for many young girls. To most people sky is the limit . To those who love Aviation, sky is the home . In Aviation industry there are many lucrative jobs one of them is Air Hostess .Air Hostess gets very high salaries and many other perks along with that Join Air Hostess Training in Chennai. Air Hostess are responsible for in-flight service of food and providing assistance during distress ,helping customers in all their need.

Free Guide on Safety Procedures in Air

In the event of a passenger becoming disruptive and  unruly on board the aircraft, the following steps should be taken.

  • Oral warning to be given to the passenger by senior Crew Member. And also remove any alcohol.
  • A printed warning to given to the letter signed by the commander to be issued to the unruly passenger by the In-flight Supervisor.
  • If the passenger becomes too violent to be controlled, a restraint should be used on the passenger until the passenger is handed over to the Law Enforcement Authorities on landing into the next station of arrival.
  • Restraint kits should be kept in the First Aid Box on board the flight for use by the Cabin Crew, if required.
  • Crew Response According to Threat Level

    The crew response should be appropriate to the threat level. However, if there is in escalation in threat level, crew need to escalate their response measures according to the threat level:

    • Communicate with flight crew and other cabin crew.
    • Be attentive to other activity within the cabin, sometimes a Level 1 disruption can be a diversion to cover a hijacking.
    • Lock down the cockpit
    • Suspend passenger traffic in the “clear zone” , the galley area immediately behind the cockpit.
    • Alert able – bodied passenger
    • Attempt to diffuse the diffuse the situation verbally. If one cabin crew member fails, consider sending another one who might have more success.
    • Notify passenger of their unacceptable behaviour
    • Flight  crew should be aware that in interception by military aircraft is possible.
    • Document all the events and report them to the air carrier and as necessary the authorities. Such interesting topics will be covered at ZEFT Aviation – No 1 Air Hostess Training Institute in Chennai
  • Use separation techniques.
  • Communicate with flight crew and other cabin crew
  • Lock down the cockpit
  • Be attentive to other activity within the cabin, sometimes a Level 2 disruption can be a diversion to cover a hijacking.
  • Suspend service of alcoholic beverages
  • Suspend passenger traffic in the “clear zone” , the galley area immediately behind  the cockpit door.
  • Caption should advise air traffic control and air carrier and request that the appropriate law enforcement agency meet the aircraft
  • Caption should consider diversion and landing plan.
  • Solicit all available help from cabin crew and passengers
  • Flight crew should be aware that in interception by military aircraft is possible. Other important Security threats will also be taught at the Air Hostess Training in Chennai course at ZEFT Aviation. 
  • Communicate with flight crew and other cabin crew
  • Suspend traffic in “clear zone” , and b block with ABPs and services carts
  • Solicit all available help from cabin crew and passengers.
  • Cabin crew provide information regarding perpetrators to pilot-in-command.
  • Use force to subdue assailant(s)
  • Use restraints and other on-board resources
  • If necessary, implement least-risk bomb or CBW procedures
  • Pilot-in-command will declare in emergency and activate landing plan
  • Squawk appropriate transponder code
  • Prepare for possible rapid descent
  • Monitor radio on 121.5 MHz and prepare for interception by military aircraft
  • After landing, if possible, pull-fire switches and disconnect generators
  • If appropriate, escape from the aircraft. Learn such interesting safety procedures at ZEFT – No 1 Air Hostess Academy in Chennai
  • Maintain aircraft command and control at all costs
  • Communicate with flight crew and other cabin crew
  • Solicit help via the public address system  from cabin crew and passengers
  • Defend flight crew compartment using whatever force is necessary to eliminate the threat
  • Use commands and all available resources and necessary force to subdue assailant(s) and eliminate the threat
  • Use restraints in other on-board resources
  • pilot – in- command will declare in emergency and activate landing plan for nearest suitable airport.
  • Squawk appropriate transponder code
  • Monitor radio on 121.5 MHz and prepare for interception by military aircraft.
  • As soon as operationally feasible, initiate possible rapid descent
  • After landing, if possible, pull fire switches and disconnect generators.
  • If appropriate, escape from the aircraft.

Students who undergo Airhostess Training in Chennai at ZEFT will learn all such interesting topics.


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