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Diploma in Ground Staff Training

ZEFT Educational Services Pvt. Ltd. has been providing some of the best quality training services in Chennai for more than 8 years now. Known for ZEFT English Labs and boasting of over 12 branches located in Chennai, Mumbai and Bengaluru, their aviation division is also rapidly growing. ZEFT Aviation is now making giant strides in the field offering quality aviation-career-centric courses for desiring aspirants. They have a mighty 40 years’ industry expertise backing them. If you have ever dreamed of making it to the skies, join ZEFT Aviation.

  • Why ZEFT Aviation?

    • Government Approved Certification
    • In-flight Training for candidates with all major Airlines (Indigo, Spice Jet, Air Asia, Air India)
    • 40 years’ Industry Experience
    • Internationally Recognized Curriculum
    • High-quality Aviation training
    • 100% placement assistance for the Air Hostess trained students in domestic and international airlines
    • Complimentary language classes (English, Hindi, and foreign languages: German, French, & Spanish)
    • Etiquette and Personal growth classes
    • Complimentary computer courses, Internet and Wi-Fi
    • Internships and Workshops with major Airlines

Why Aviation Ground Staff Training?

Ground staff refers to the set of people that work in the airport terminals. Whereas some ground staff is responsible for the inspection storage and transportation of passenger luggage and cargo, other are required to stock flying aircrafts with food and beverages to be distributed during the flights.

The ground staff also perform many duties that ensure the comfort and safety of air passengers. They handle the baggage moving it on and off from conveyors. They are responsible for the cleaning of the aeroplane’s interiors after a flight and sometimes, the runways need to be cleaned as well.

With an exciting salary package, the ground staff position is an entry-level job in the aviation industry. However, these provide a great opportunity for aspirants to rise in aviation-related careers. The opportunities for ground-handling companies have been on the rise as major airline companies have started outsourcing these jobs.

Another exciting part of the jobs is that the ground staff members are paid high incentives. Those with a flair for leadership and who are ready to take on more responsibility can aim for higher management positions later on.

  • Eligibility

    The Diploma in Ground Staff Course demands aspirants with the following prerequisites:

    • Any undergraduate degree
    • Over 18 years of Age
    • Must be ready to do physically demanding work
    • Good communication and interpersonal skills
    • Should enjoy working outside, regardless of the outdoor temperature
    • Be a team player
    • Be physically fit
    • Must possess these minimum height measurements:

    Girls: 155 cm Boys: 170 cm

    • Must be able to follow and maintain the highest value safety standards
    • Should possess a passport to get into the airport
  • Job Opportunities

    There are many positions that a trained ‘Diploma in Ground Staff’ student can apply for. Some of them are:

    • Surveillance Staff
    • Check-in Counter Staff
    • Ramp Staff
    • BMA (Baggage makeup Area)Staff
    • Load & Trim Officer
    • Baggage Screening
    • Passenger Safety officer
    • Arrival hall Staff
  • Ground Staff Training Module:

    • Hierarchy of the Organization
    • Airline Terminology
    • Layout of Airport
    • Familiarization of Standards
    • Ground Operations Manual
    • Airport Codes
    • In-Flight catering
    • Basics of Baggage Handling
    • Baggage Rules
    • Checked baggage
    • Cabin baggage
    • Security
    • Free and Excess Baggage
    • Screening of baggage and X-ray
    • Baggage Make-up Area BMA
    • Load and Trim
    • Ramp Operations
    • Step-Ladder, Ramp
    • In-flight experience
    • A/c Cleaning
    • Waste Management
    • Fuelling
    • Departures of Flights
    • Arrivals of Flights
    • Check-in
    • Care for disabled passengers
    • Cabin Familiarization
    • Grooming, Etiquette, and Personality Development
  • Employer Expectations

    • This is a job that demands precision
    • The employer expects that the candidate to be physically fit can handle baggage up to 70 to 100 kg
    • Skilled and trained professionals are appointed only for a specific task
    • The employer expects the trained staff to be proficient in speaking Hindi and a regional/foreign language and people’s skills
    • Must be able to handle baggage weighing 70 to 100 kg
    • Must be able to move, bend and navigate into aircraft cargo enclosures
    • Perform repetitive tasks with a high amount of accuracy
  • Course Objectives

    The following are the course objectives:

    • To train in a manner to create efficiency in ground operations through the operational and management modules that are taught
    • To teach best practices as done by industry experts who impart the course.
    • To improve on-time performance of the ground staff when on the job
    • To familiarize the ground staff with knowledge of the complex environment in the modern airports

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