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At ZEFT Aviation, we have been providing Best Aviation Training in Chennai for more than 8 years now and we are considered as the best Aviation Academy in Chennai. Our ZEFT group boasts of having over 12 branches located in Chennai, Mumbai and Bengaluru. Our aviation division is also growing at a rapid pace. ZEFT Aviation academy in Chennai is now making giant strides towards success, offering the best quality aviation career- oriented courses for desiring aspirants. We have a humungous industry expertise backing us. If you want to make your aviation career a reality then ZEFT is the right place for you. We also offer a variety of aviation courses in Chennai, for people who are looking for a specific career in the airline industry. In addition to Aviation training, we also offer DIPLOMA in Air Hostess Course in ChennaiGround Staff Training in Chennai , and Airport Management courses in Chennai as well. Don’t just let your dreams fly away, take up a course at ZEFT Aviation and start your dream career in the aviation industry!

Why ZEFT Aviation?

In-flight Training for candidates with major Airlines (Indigo, Spice Jet, Air Asia, Air India)
High-quality Aviation training in Chennai rated as the No 1 Aviation Academy in Chennai
Skilled trainers with Industry Experience
Internationally Recognized Curriculum
Placement assistance for the trained students in domestic and international
Complimentary language classes like English, Hindi, and foreign languages like German, French, & Spanish
Etiquette and Personal growth classes
Complimentary computer courses, Internet and Wi-Fi
Internships and Workshops with major Airlines
Government Approved Certification


Indian aviation is experiencing a dramatic growth in recent times in business and leisure travel.  There are more than 486 airports in India and there will be another 200 new airports in another 5 years. There is a huge opportunity for students who are trained in Airport & Aviation Courses, Many marketing branding launches such as Incredible India! Athiti Devo Bhava provides the much-needed boost to the travel and tourism industry in India.

The aviation industry offers huge opportunities in India especially in Metropolitan cities like Chennai which is the 4th largest airport in the country. Aviation is considered as a lucrative career since the early 90’s. The aviation industry is expected to grow at a compounded rate of over 20% annually. The main motto of the Aviation course offered at ZEFT Aviation is to “shine above the rest” to the ever-growing demands of this booming industry.

Advanced Diploma in aviation is an industry and career-oriented course that prepares the students up to the quality of national and international standards as well. Branching out into various professions such as, cabin crew, ground staff and so on, this field offers a financially stable career for sure. ZEFT is world class Aviation Academy in Chennai.

If you are a person with a passion for traveling around the world, and you want to make it as a profession, then cabin crew is the right career option for you. In this career, you will get a chance to meet new people, celebrities, etc. What more? You will get a chance to stay in five-star hotels, experience different cultures around the world and can interact with various country people. It is definitely not only a luxurious career but also a satisfying career as well.

If you prefer to work from the airport terminal, then ground-staff is the right career path for you. Unlike Cabin crew you will not fly in the air, but a promising career growth is guaranteed for a ground staff. The main job briefing for a ground staff is to serve the customers at the ground level in the domestic and international airports. The most exciting part of the job is the exposure you can gain in this industry by interacting with new people each and every day. People with a touch of grit, determination and leadership qualities will reach great heights in this industry. Enroll now in ZEFT best Aviation Academy in Chennai.


The Advanced Diploma in Aviation Courses in Chennai by ZEFT demands aspirants with the following prerequisites:

  • Completion of Standard 10 or Standard 12 or an equivalent course
  • Must be above 18 years old
  • Need to be physically fit
  • Must be good at communication and interpersonal skills
  • Must be a good team player
  • Minimum height requirement for Women: 155 centimetres. Minimum height requirement  for Men: 170 centimetres
  • A passport is required to gain entry into the airport.


  • Principles of Aviation
  • Airport Operations
  • Hospitality
  • Aviation Geography
  • Airport Customer Service
  • Catering Science and Hygiene
  • Hospitality Marketing
  • Principles of Food production
  • F and B Services (Food and Beverages Services)
  • In-flight safety and security
  • DGR (Dangerous Goods) and Screening
  • Cargo and Transportation Management
  • Airline Business Foundation
  • Air Transport Economics
  • Airport Business Management
  • Airline Finance and Accounting Management
  • Managing a Travel Business Online
  • Aviation and Environment
  • International Air Law
  • Grooming and Personality Development
  • Soft Skills
  • Effective English Communication
  • Communication skills


The following are the Course Objectives:

To train the candidates in such a manner that they will be able to adapt and improvise according to the present aviation industry scenario.

Communication and interpersonal skills will be enhanced in a practical manner.

Experienced, skilled and trained professionals are assigned for various tasks so that each student will be groomed according to the aviation industry’s expectation.

To teach the nuances of the aviation industry


This job is all about timing and precision. In a nutshell, candidates must be dedicated and punctual.

The employer expects the candidate to be physically fit.

Skilled, trained and talented professionals are assigned only for a specific task.

The most important thing is that the employer expects the candidate to be proficient in English and a regional language.

The employee must be alert and flexible during working hours.

The employer expects the employee to be confident even in grave situations to give a feel good factor for the passengers and the customers. This is considered the most crucial skill in the aviation industry.

ZEFT Aviation is Rated as the Best Aviation Academy in Chennai by Business Review Today.  Come & Join at ZEFT Aviation – a Leading Aviation Institute in Chennai & Start Your Dream Career in Aviation Industry! Our Aviation Training in Chennai Programme is Globally Recognized!

Today India has fastest growing economy around the globe ,towards aviation it has shown tremendous evolution .Aviation industry is improving a lot and has huge job market .In Aviation industry there are various job opportunities like ground staff ,cabin crew ,technical domain etc . For bright future join Aviation Academy in Chennai .

Boarding Hall

Security Hold Area

  • Security checks announcements to be made ETD- 90.
  • Before the announcements to be boarding to staff allocated needs to fulfill the role of floor walker.
  • For any oversized / overweight hand baggage’ s passenger to be informed and LRT to be signed – and this is attached to the retrieved hand baggage. Make arrangement for baggage to be sent across to ramp
  • Ensure adequate stationary is placed such as the hand baggage tags, LRT tags, passenger reconciliation chart, announcement sheet etc
  • Also ensure adequate coaches are designated before announcing boarding.
  • Passenger with special requirement to be identified and pre – board in coordination with ramp
  • Check the TOB (total on board), last sequence number and  deletions from the systems. Verify the same from counter/ backup coordinator.
  • After obtaining clearance from ramp boarding is to be announced.
  • Carry out the Gate No Show Drill in case of missing passenger.
  • Remain at the boarding gate till the flight door close.
  • Ensure all systems are closed are closed and all stationary is kept under lock and key.  Topics like this will be covered as part of the course at our Aviation Academy in Chennai.

Boarding Procedures

Boarding procedure with Scanner Gun

  1. Scan the boarding pass barcode area which automatically captures the data for the guest and the same reflects in the system
  2. In case of in error message by the system by the system, verify the reason which could be; different flight number / date, duplication of sequence;

Boarding Procedure with Reflection

  1. Staff needs to physically check for the boarding pass and the details including: the flight date/number, sequence number.
  2. The sequence number needs to be entered in the system

 Boarding Procedure manually

  1. Staff needs to physically check for the boarding pass and the details including: the flight date / number, sequence number
  2. Strike off the sequence number on the passenger reconciliation sheet.

In case of missing passengers carry out the Gate No Show Drill.


Aviation Courses in Chennai at ZEFT Aviation will cover the boarding announcements not just in English, but also in other languages like Hindi.

Check In Announcement ( English )

Good Spicejetters Requesting all passengers travelling on Spicejet flight SG to please get your check in baggage screened and proceed for check-in. Your flight is scheduled to depart at hrs. We wish  you all a pleasant flight and thank you for choosing to fly with us.

Check In Announcement  ( Hindi )

Namaskar / Spicejetters kripya dhanyan dijiye sabh yatri jo Spicejet ki udan sankhaya SG se ja rahe hain, aap sabhi se nivedan hai ki apne  saath laye suman ki suraksha jaanch karvane ke baad check – in counters ki aur prasthan karen. Spicejet apne sabhi yatriyon ki sukhad yatra ki kamma karti hai, Dhanawaad

Security Announcement  ( English )

Good Spicejetters. Requesting all passengers traveling on spicejet flight SG to  after completing your checking formalities please proceed towards the security check area. We wish you all a pleasant flight and thank you for choosing to fly with us.

Security Announcement (  Hindi )

Namaskar / Spicejetters kripya dhanyan dijiye sabh yatri jo Spicejet ki udan sankhaya SG se ja rahe hain, aap sabhi se nivedan hai ki aap surakshs jaanch ki aur aurt prasthan Karen Spicejet  apne sabhi yatriyon ki sukhad yatra ki kamna karti hai Dhanawaad.

Boarding Announcement ( English )

Good Spicejetters. Our flight SG to   is ready for departure. We first request all passengers traveling with infants & children and passengers needing special medical attention to proceed for boarding through gate number All other passengers are requested to proceed for boarding thereafter. Have a pleasant flight and thank you for choosing to fly with us.

Boarding Announcement ( Hindi )

Namaskar / Spicejetters kripya dhanyan dijiye  Spicejet ki udan sankhaya SG ab jane liye taiyaar hain, aap sabhi se nivedan hai ki aap dwaar sankhya se

Vimaan ki aur prasthan karen. Atirikt sahayata wale yatrion are bacchon ke saath yatra karne wale yatrion se nivedam hai ki vei phale prasthan kerein. Spicejet apne sabhi yatriyon ki sukhad yatra ki kamma karti hai, Dhanyawaad. Lot more interesting topics will be covered at our Aviation academy in Chennai.

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