Many of you pretty ladies want to work in the aviation industry as Air Hostess (Cabin Crew). Well, it is just so cool to fly and see the places. Air hostess can live a luxurious life with lots of travel. Aviation is among those fast-growing industries. You always dreamed of becoming an Air Hostess? This article will give insight into the interview process. The demand for Cabin crew is growing day by day, the Airlines industry is known for its Hospitality. Before you appear for your Air Hostess interview certain things which you should know. Preparing well for the job interview will land you in the Air Hostess job. Prepare yourself with below absolute tips to clear Air Hostess Interview

Know about the airline

The Airline for which you are being interviewed, gather some information about the Airline, so make sure you do ample research about the airline, acquaint yourself with details such as when it started operations, number of aircraft company owns. Always remember to emphasize on good and positive things you have learned about them either through the “About” page on the website, magazine, news. Conclusively you want to show off your knowledge of the employer. With all these preparation now you ready to crack the air hostess interview.

Language fluency

As we know cabin crew job is all about dealing with the passengers, hence it is important to have good fluency in a language. Interviewers of aviation industry always look for candidates who have excellent command in languages such as English, Hindi and regional language as well in certain cases. So, when you are preparing for an interview, work on your language and fluency. For cabin crew, it is essential to have clear speech and a good voice tone because you have to talk a lot with your passengers.

The cabin crew job is all about dealing with new passengers. So it is important to have good fluency in a language. In the aviation industry interviewer always look for candidates with good fluency in languages like English, Hindi and regional language. It is always important for the cabin crew to have a good voice and clear speech.

Body language

The micro signals that we unknowingly send to the people we interact with show precisely what is our state of mind at that particular time. We can understand someone’s body language better than their words, so be aware of it.

Sit straight

Sit firmly and lean your back straight against the chair, Back in your seat. This is the first way you can show your confidence for your Air hostess interview.

No direct eye contact

Instead of direct eye contact go for direct face contact. A more effective way to be more interested and engaged is to look at different parts interviewers face every two seconds rather than just drilling into the interviewer’s eyes.


Keep your hands loosely clasped in your lap. Avoid touching your face never elevate your hands above the neck   this indicates that you are     nervous


Cross your feet at the ankles or place both your feet on the floor, shows a professional and confident look. Control your leg movement shaking your leg shows nervousness, its distracting. Do not rest your leg on top of the other knee this considered arrogance.

Smile it’s free!

Always have a pleasant smile on your face. Ultimately happy and smiling face shows a positive attitude. So don’t forget to wear your positive and pleasant smile.

Tone of voice

Always breathe and pause before answering the questions. Try to change your tone and pitch of voice. Nod and smile at appropriate times, but don’t overdo it. Use words to answer questions. Don’t reply just with nods and head shakes.

Air Hostess interview attire


A plain blazer matching with a skirt . Make sure your blazer is of appropriate size

Find the one which suits and compliment your appearance.


Choose a shirt matching your blazer and skirt (white, beige, blue) skirt. Our recommendation is to wear standard knee-length skirt. Avoid a pencil skirt. Always wear business formal for that neat and clean appearance  The best color for Air hostess Interview will be Black, navy blue, gray, brown.

Stockings For Air hostess interview you really need to wear stockings even its summer.

Makeup Always remember to keep your makeup natural and complementing and enhancing your features.It includes a base, foundation, blush, and lipstick. You can finish your look with a scarf or small necklace. Always be well-groomed and put together. The thumb rule “The less is more” you must remember this particularly when it comes to makeup!


If hair length exceeds shoulder-length style it in a bun if hair short tries to keep you as neat as possible. Always tie your hair in Ponytail or Bun. Your hair should not come on your face. Always Present a clean and fresh look.

Shoes Always wear stilettoes, not very high. The one classy comfortable and in which you can walk Choose a neutral color like black, gray, navy.

Are you, team player 

You should come up with the answer YES. The need of the airline industry is a person who can work for the team. Convince the interviewer that you are a team player and the ability to follow instructions. This is how you can ace the Air Hostess interview.

Describe yourself in 3 words

As time is changing the pattern of the interview is also changing. So be ready for some unexpected and new type of questions. So answer to this question could vary but should contain qualities which are needed for being air hostess or cabin crew, also show those qualities during the interview, like Honesty, mature, assertive, committed, motivated, open-minded and explain these qualities.

Practice session

Practice answering questions in the mirror. Do your appearance is calm? Don’t memorize the answers because they are not looking for scripted answers. Try to give your own examples while answering questions

Your hobbies

The basic question to assess a candidate for Air Hostess role, your hobbies says much about your personality, hobby is something which we do in free time or things which you like doing. Hobbies like playing sports will show a person is cooperative and leadership, hosting friends for dinner will demonstrate your hospitality skills

Are you applying to other airlines?

 If you are, then be truthful. It will show that you are serious about finding a job. You can also mention that though I have applied for other airlines, I feel your airline will offer the best opportunity for career growth in the Aviation industry.

Apart from above mentioned there are different and important questions which asked in Air Hostess Interview

  • Why do you want to join our airline company?
  • Tell us about yourself?
  • “Why did you decide to become an Air Hostess?”
  • “What are your career goals?”
  • “Why should we hire you?
  • “How would you handle a disagreement between passengers on a flight?”
  • “How would you handle a situation where a passenger breaks basic flight rules, such as refusing to put on his seat belt?
  • Responding to questions out loud with a partner:
  • Always try out the mock interviews it will give an idea of the Interview and you won’t be nervous during the interview. Practice answering questions loudly and clearly it will build your confidence to represent yourself in front of the interview panel.

Before Interview Get a good night’s sleep

It looks obvious but sometimes due to fear of interview you won’t get sound sleep, which will affect mentally and physically. Sound sleep help you perform better in the Interview .

Conversation with other applicants

While waiting for an interview in the waiting room trying to other applicants. Ask them where they come from, try to be friendly with them, it will calm down your mind. You can face the interview in a cool and calm mind.

Stay relevant

Listen to question and provide a concise answer. Stick to the question we’re asked. Don’t move the discussion to irrelevant and unrelated topics.

Provide Example

Always provide examples for the question which has been asked. Prepare in advance some examples so you can share it with the interviewer during the interview. Examples give your answer a more practical approach.

Be Honest

Never try to dance around difficult questions asked in the Air hostess interview .Even if you have that particular skill, you could have related skills. 

Ask a Question

When the interviewer asks you to question him, don’t be silent ask relevant questions. It shows your interest in the company and the recruitment process.

Thank the Interviewer

Always thank the interviewer for the time he spent, have eye contact while doing this. Being successful in your Air Hostess Interview is all about confidence and that inborn confidence comes from being prepared. Success is on your way Trust that!

Have Fun!

Be relaxed and don’t take it too seriously. Any selection process is not about how much you know or how well you perform. But it is always about how confidently you perform under pressure. Ultimately, the interviewer will see that you are comfortable among strange people. Follow all these tips and the interviewer will be impressed. With all these super tips you can rock the interview.

If you are aspiring to become an Air Hostess, read Air Hostess Interview Questions. In case, if you are new to the Aviation Industry, take up Air Hostess Training in Chennai to know the nuances of this growing industry