Q 1. Introduce yourself:

Well, this is a very natural question to be asked by any interviewer. Because they want to know about candidates, a very common question for any job profile. You must answer this question with the utmost confidence. In answer, you could talk about your personal information, educational details, your interest, if you are experienced then give details of your previous employment.

Q 2. What do you know about our airline?

This question is thrown at you to check whether you prepared well for the interview or you just come casually for the interview. So always do the research about the airline. You can answer like when the airline started its operations, no aircraft, slogans. Also know about their future plan for the expansions in new cities, countries.  Don’t forget to check the website of the employer airline, ‘About’ page, here you will get lots of information about the airline, their goal, mission. These are the things which must be included in your answer.

Q 3. What do you know about customer service strengths?

Air hostess (flight attendant) spends lots of their time attending passengers and helping them. In Earlier days traveling was stressful for many people, so good service can help passengers to travel easily and relax during a commute. Always remember your answer contains qualities which show you like helping people, For example, you can answer like “I am very good at listening to others” it shows you are a good listener, you can understand the problems of a passenger. Don’t forget to give examples.

Q 4. Are you comfortable in a new environment or situation?

The most experienced air hostess can have the same route, but those who are less senior have to fly to various locations in which airlines fly. The reason behind asking this question is to check whether a candidate can adapt to unfamiliar places, environments. The answer for this question could be Flexible in handling flight schedule changes, overnight booking hotel and working in odd timings

Q 5. What will you do in case of an emergency?

Cabin crew members have a major role in managing emergencies. Look for answers which shows the ability to handle difficult and emergency situation and shows your leadership skills. Ability convey higher-level officer, ability to calm down the passenger and not to make them anxious, for example, you can say “I will get my oxygen mask first after that I will assist other passengers, I will check where the closest exit doors are, I can keep everyone calm.

Q 6. Tell us about your first flight experience?

For this question, you should contain the following aspects of air travel like

  • Enthusiasm for planes
  • Excitement about flight and its process
  • Passion of traveling

Candidate with a love of planes and flying can be the best fit for the job. They will look for answers that show your observation and keen interest. You can describe your experience like “My first flight experience was heavenly, it was Jet Airways flight, flying is really awesome thing”. You feel like a bird, as jet airways slogan says ‘Joy of flying’ the experience was really joyful and the cabin crew was awesome.

Q 7. How will you handle a passenger who refuses to cooperate with the cabin crew?

Basically passengers who don’t cooperate with cabin crew in beginning and at the end of the flight they put everyone on the risk. The candidate should remedy the situation. The answer can contain qualities like

Conflict management

Ability to convince the fierce passenger

Ability to respond to angry passenger

Candidate can give an example like “I will repeat my instruction to the customer”. Even after informing many times to passengers, then I will tell him/her in an assertive way. Otherwise, I will seek help from my other cabin crew members.

Q 8. what is your achievement?

For answering this it is not necessary to talk about very big achievement, you can give an example like you were part of a college project, participated in a speech competition. Achievements could be anything you think you cannot do. Answers for this could vary from person to person, but always try to give good examples.

Q 9. Why do you want to work as a cabin crew?

If you are an experienced candidate you can answer like I have been working in the aviation industry for 1 year or whatever is your experience. You can mention like I love interacting with people and smile on the faces of passengers keep me going. If you are fresher you can say like since my childhood I was very passionate about planes and Air hostesses. I think is a very fascinating job every day you will meet new people and you can fly like bird.

Q 10. Can you tell me what are your long term goals as cabin crew?

The interviewer is always aware that every employee has some goal regarding their career growth. Never talk about your aspiration of having own business. You can answer like I want to enhance my skills, add value to the company and grow with the company.

Q 11. What is the reason for applying for this Airline?

 Answer this question with confidence saying like policies, rules which read on the website were very impressive. The work culture of this airline is very good and attracted me.

Q 12. How one can maintain such jobs for a long time?

The answer to this would be One must have patience and then focus on work. The most important thing is to have an interest in your work, then you can work for a long period in this type of job. In any kind of job you enjoy what work you are doing, otherwise, you will not be stable in any kind of job.

Q 13. How will you treat VIP guests?

The answer to this includes below things ‘We will make a special arrangement for them. We will put their personal preferences on the top. We will assign the best waiters, and everything will go according to their likes and dislikes. Decoration and everything else will be according to their choice and ultimately customer satisfaction is important. So all these things will be considered and focused’.

Q 14. How do you react to criticism?

Reacting to criticism in a positive manner is appreciable. This is because when you react to the critics in a positive way, you instill the urge to learn rather than cry over the mistake. So, when you have the urge to learn, you automatically react to the criticism in a healthy manner than taking it and spoiling your whole day. So this question can be answered in a positive manner.

Q 15. What did you learn from the mistakes you did earlier?

The answer to this question is a little easy. and you can answer it like ‘man is a statue of mistakes’ Everybody does some mistakes in their life and we also learn some lessons from them. Whatever mistake you do in your life it helped in learning. So share one event from your life from which you have learned a lesson. if you are not. Though you

Q 16. Which is the most recent thing you learned that will help to get a job?

The important thing is patience, if you are an impatient person then you won’t be able to become Hostess. Not this, you learned how to look interested even if you are tired. you can also mention any other skills which you have learned recently. you answer this question very smart and positive manner.

Q 17. How will you describe your job to other people who think that it is not a good job?

First, you remember you will be answering this question that ‘No need to describe anyone who thinks it is not a good job ‘. Because as I am enjoying my job no need to think who likes and who does not. Nobody is responsible and neither you are answerable to such people. So, if you are describing your job, no need to add extra colors to it. As if people are sensitive to respect every job, they will understand it

Q 18. Which is an important aspect of this job according to you?

You could answer it like ‘According to me is concerning attitude and caring. ‘The person who wishes to be an Air hostess must possess such an attitude so that the level of patience is maintained. There will be no discrimination while attending passengers from different backgrounds. Other important qualities are good communication, presentation skill, and anticipation.

Q 19. what are qualities one should have for this job?

The qualities needed for this job are many more. Some very crucial one I am mentioning here, the person should have a very good personality, good dressing sense. Way of representing yourself and how you communicate .although these qualities are needed for any kind of job but for air hostess job these skills are on the top list. You can put forth all these skills in front of the panel.

Q 20. Did you read the description of the job?

Now moto behind this question is to check whether you are aware of the job profile.

Never say you read it half of it, if you are saying like this then you are putting the wrong impression, Which you never want to happen. So never say all these things even if you do not read it then also say yes. It is always important to read the job description because it is the responsibility of the candidate to know about this job. Always read the job description before attending any interview otherwise it will show your casual attitude towards the job, it is not good at any cost.

Q 21. What are your expectations from the company?

Here you can say what you have thought of and what you actually wish to have with the company. If you feel like the company can fulfill your demand and also it is sensible enough, then you can surely put forth the demand and tell all the expectations you have from the company.

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