Interesting Facts of Aviation Industry

Flying in the air like bird is real fun, for humans it is possible with Airplane. I felt aircraft is biggest inventions of mankind. Modern  Aviation industry is growing rapidly .The inventor of modern Airplane is Wright Brothers of USA in 1903 , in Indian ancient history we can find existence of airplane in Hindu Epic Ramayana ,existential traces of aircraft can be seen their, where Ravana takes Sita to Sri Lanka in his aircraft which is known as Pushpak Vimana. There are many fun facts about Airplane, Aviation. In this article you will  get to know so many things about Aviation industry. In this fast moving world you cannot deny the importance of aviation industry. Aviation industry plays very vital role in Economic growth of any country.Have you ever wondered what do pilot eats? Why does pilot say Mayday in emergency situations? Well the answer is the word come from the French word m’aidez, which literally means ‘help me’. This is reason why ZEFT aviation come up with the fun facts about aviation industry. Here is the list of wonderful and unknown facts .Similarly, do you know that about 1 in 5 people suffer from “Aviophobia (fear of flying)?”

1.Why do pilots eat a different meal?

Every airline has different rules which are imposed on pilots and other employees. Pilot must be given same multi-cuisine meal given to that of first and business class customers except co-pilot .The co-pilot is given different food for security reasons such as food poisoning .

2.Just 5% of the world’s population ever been on airplane

According to statistics report only 5% people of world population have been on airplane, though aviation industry is growing rapidly. Some people fly very frequently and some never have been in an aircraft and some will never get chance to fly in their life.

3.Boeing 747

Boeing 747 very distinctive hump upper deck along the forward part of the airplane that’s what made Boeing 747 recognizable aircraft, well its known by the name “Jumbo jet”. Its speed is also very fascinating aspect which is 988 km/h.This is i think biggest fun fact of aviation.

4.80% people Afraid of flying

There are various types of phobia one of them is Acrophobia. Acrophobia means people are scared of heights, this phobia causes a person to fear from a variety of things related to height or away from ground. 

5.Boeing 747 weighs almost 9,5000 pounds

The interesting fact about Boeing 747 is its engine weight. This is the most beautiful and popular aircraft in the sky that is the reason why it is very famous as ‘Jumbo Jet’. As its name says Jumbo Jet its engine also weighs 9,500 pounds.

6.Busiest commercial airport

Hartsfield -Jackson Airport (ATL) in Atlanta is worlds commercial busiest airport in the world. It has 970.000 airplane flying every year .This airport is busiest in terms of number of flights and passengers.

7.India’s Oldest Airlines:

Tata Airlines which was founded in 1932 by J.R.D. Tata, was India’s first commercial airlines. In 1946, Tata Airlines became Air India.On 11th June 1962, Air India became the world’s first all Jet airline. Indian aviation industry growing day by day .

8.India’s first airline

Tata airlines was founded in 1932, founder was J.R.D. Tata. It was 1st commercial airline of India. Then in the year 1946 Tata Airline becomes Air India.Air India becomes world’s first all Jet airline on 11th June 1962

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