What Does a Ground Staff in Airport really Do?

You must be wondering what exactly the ground staff is doing, after reading this you will not have doubt. The ground staff is the one of important department in airport management. The duties performed by ground staff vast. Ground staff is works in technical to commercial and handling for safe and steady departure and arrival of an aircraft. The persons who works in ground duty are known as ‘ground crew’. The job of ground crew is to keep airplanes running efficiently. There duties include welcoming guest airplane take-off, airport ground staff and air operations, airline operations ,running airports. Ground staff is people who work in the airport terminal itself, They are responsible for inspecting ,storage ,storing luggage ,stocking airplane with food and beverages. Some other duties are directly interacting with customers, Providing information about flight timing. You will get know more about the duties of ground crew. Know more about the  Airport Ground Staff Training Courses in Chennai .


The ground staff job is dynamic and very professional. But we should remember one person cannot do all the things. This is reason why ground crew duties are divided into 2 categories.

  1. Commercial role 2.Technical role

Commercial Role:

Inside the airport terminal:

Here is the list of duties which ground staff has to perform inside the Airport terminal.

 Re-routing or re-booking passengers whose flights have been delayed or canceled, assistance to disabled passengers ,providing up to date information to passengers, checking passengers in flights, Assisting passengers with all the enquiries along with lost or delayed baggage, assistance while carrying out security checks. Join Airport Ground Staff training in Chennai Providing high level of customer service to passengers These are the some duties cabin crew have to do.

Outside the airport terminal:

Now this is also part of the ground crew duty. Outside the airport terminal they have to handle all the loading and uploading of passenger baggage from the airplane, helping passengers on to and off the aircraft, providing steps from airplane to passengers and crew to disembark the aircraft. Directing aircraft to taxi spot.

Technical Role:

In technical duties ground crew have to do so many technical task like coordinate and manage staff around the aircraft during its step over, draft and hand over the necessary documents to the airplane captain, preparing the flight plan, fuel, weather condition and other important information is given by technical ground crew. Along with this management of take of take off slots and airline network and fleet management. In India most of the carriers self -handle the domestic and international operations. Foreign airlines uses third party handlers, which are not allowed to self -handle. Join best Ground Staff Training in Chennai.