How to become an air hostess

If your dream is to fly high into the sky then an Air Hostess is the Best profession for you! In India Air Hostess comes under one of the high profile professions. Many young Indians dreams of being into the Aviation Industry.  In India aviation industry is growing rapidly because of smart city expansion. The government of India has proposed the Smart City mission in which most tier 2 cities will be developed, in those cities, they will be developing airports that will connect them to the world. This Smart city mission will generate so many jobs in the Aviation industry. This is a profession where you will earn while traveling. The biggest perk comes with this profession is you can travel to various parts of the world. Air Hostess’s job looks easy but they have any responsibility on the plane. The toughest part is to handle an angry passenger and stay calm.

Girls if you are wishing to be an Air Hostess then this is time to grab the opportunity. Then check out the qualification and criteria to become an Air Hostess

Educational Qualification:

So the basic requirement to become an air hostess is you should pass your 10th grade or after your 10+2 join Air Hostess training course. There are many Air Hostess training Academy they offer Diploma and degree courses. But if you are planning to join after 10+2 then An Air Hostess is the best professional training to get a high profile job. There are academies which are offering Air Hostess training for those who 10th grade passed, but it is always good to pursue this course after completing your 10+2. So this about the educational qualification along with this there are other aspects which considered one of them is language, you should have good communication skills in English, Hindi or regional language, for international airlines if you know any foreign language then it will be added benefit.

  Now let’s understand the career life cycle for an Air hostess, so the average span is eight to ten years is as Air Hostess then they promoted to Senior flight attendant and Head Attendant. Then they are transferred to ground staff which includes the Check-in Hostess, Training Air Hostess, and moves to management level. If you need to speed up the whole process of becoming an air hostess, consider taking up Air Hostess Training in Chennai at ZEFT Aviation.

Physical Standards

In the aviation industry, An Air Hostess plays a more important role because they are the who interact greet each and every passenger in the flight, so they have to be pleasant, fresh, attractive. So the physical appearance is an important aspect. Behavioral skills are also important at the same time. Now here is the detail information about the physical standards which these institutes require.

For Indian standards, the minimum height requirement is 157 cm (5.2 feet) and next comes the bodyweight so it should not be very less and very high, should be in proportion. There is taboo that for being Air Hostess your skin tone must be fair, so forget about it and there is no such thumb rule. The actual requirement is candidate should have a clean and clear complexion.  Candidate must be physically fit and attractive.

Age and Marital Status

Now the most important factor of Air Hostess career and eligibility criteria is age, so the lowest age limit is 17 years and the highest age limit is 26 years. Generally, the age limit decided by respective institutes. Marital status depends upon Institute only. Some Academy allows married women also.

Medical Condition

In this profession, unlike other professions, you have to be medically fit and no mental illness history and eyesight is 6/9. The aspiring candidate should not have major health issues.

Interpersonal skill

So if you are serious about being an Air Hostess then one more important skill which you must possess is behavioral skills. You will always need more than just usual qualifications .so here is the list of interpersonal skills

Pleasing personality

A pleasant personality is the most important thing for an Air Hostess. The appearance should be neat and pleasant. These things reflect your personality. For any Air Hostess Friendly and outgoing personality is important.

Communication Skills

Air Hostess should have good communication skill in English, Hindi, regional language. Because good communication skill is very important to convince the passengers

Presence of mind

This is the one thing which every Hostess need to have because they are going to handle so many passengers in a day, to tackle these many people you must have a presence of mind. In case of emergency, the presence of the mind is really important.

Long working hours

So this is the necessity of the aviation industry. There could be flight delays or bad weather conditions which turn out in long working hours. So the Hostess should be ready to work for extended work hours.

Now you know what are the important things which you should posses then if your thinking to undergo training for Air Hostess then join Air Hostess Academy for a bright future. Also, check out the fun and unknown facts about the Aviation industry.