Here in this blog, we have explained in detail about the responsibilities, skills, and career prospects of an Airport Ground staff. If you are looking to begin a career in the Aviation Industry then, go through this blog.

The primary  responsibilities of ground staff include:

  • Receiving passengers as they board and exit the flight.
  • Guiding passengers to their respective seats and also giving personal gestures to some passengers, for the aged or the challenged people.
  • Serving food and refreshments.
  • Examining the status of emergency equipment and information about the passengers.
  • Illustrating the security procedures and the usage of emergency equipment.
  • Providing first aid at times.
  • Managing at the time of emergencies.
  • Facilitating passengers with papers, journals, and in-flight entertainment.
  • Presenting written flight reports after completing a journey.

This job can demand an individual to be physically and emotionally strong and there is a high level of responsibility included. Generally, ground staff is required to be diplomatic to manage any circumstances that passengers might bring up and should have the capability to work under pressure and the different situations at times.

The job of ground staff is boundless and diverse. They are the staff who are responsible for performing all kinds of duties once the flight gets down the air. Their duties may include both commercial and technical as well. They take part in handling the passengers after the departure and arrival of the plane for the constant, safe and secured travel throughout the journey.

The work routine of the Airport Groundstaff begins from greeting passengers until the end of the aircraft’s departure. The runway ground staff and air services employees execute a vital part in ranges that include commercial enterprises, airline services and the running of airports. Ground Staff Training is also provided for individuals who are passionate about this role at Zeft Aviation.

Eligibility for Airport Ground Staff

The minimum qualification of Airport Ground Staff is the completion of +2 education at any stream which is followed by a Diploma with the related field. 

The age limit of Airport Ground Staff candidates should be the age between 18 to 27 years. 

Skills required for Airport Ground Staff

  • Airport Ground Staff should have the capability to manage any kind of situation including diplomatic skills, good communication, and organizing skills are the most important responsibilities which are required for the Airport Ground Staff. 
  • Airport Ground Staff must have a friendly personality, calm behavior, and capability to manage the passengers. They should be in good health, stamina for working long and irregular times as they are responsible for every small work of the passenger until they are landed. 

Here, are the few steps to become an Airport Ground Staff,

After completing the higher education in any stream the aspiring candidates are required to get a certification in the Diploma course in the related field. Join Ground Staff Training in Chennai at ZEFT and get a certification.

Career Prospects of Airport Ground Staff

  • Ground staffs are the people who are working at the terminals of the airport. While a few ground staff are accountable for the examination of passenger luggage, cargo storage, and transportation. While others are required to store flying aircraft with food and beverages that need to be distributed all through air travel. Ground Staff Course in Chennai provides you the best learning experience to grab a job in the field.
  • The ground staff often complete several tasks to guarantee air passenger’s comfort and safety. They treat the freight from conveyors, shifting it on and off. They are responsible for cleaning the interior of the aircraft after a flight, and sometimes it is necessary to clean the runways as well.
  • The ground-staff role is an admission-level job in the field of aviation with an attractive pay offer. Moreover, this provides the aspirants with a fantastic opportunity to grow in careers specific to aviation. Since major airline companies started exporting this work, the prospects for ground handling companies have been on the increasing demand.
  • Another exciting part of this job is high salaries for the ground staff members. Those with leadership flair and willing to accept more responsibilities may eventually strive for senior management levels with a good package.


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